Transportation of oversized cargo

InterRail Service is ready to undertake all tasks of the organization of transportation of such cargoes as:

  • Heavy construction equipment (bulldozers, excavators, graders, truck cranes) and equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Automotive vehicles (water-jetting vehicles, vans, trucks, concrete pumps and other)
  • Industrial equipment
  • Non-standard and heavy metalwork
  • Boring and crushers
  • Gas-distributing equipment (tanks, tanks)
  • Pipe-rolling products
  • Heavy equipment (more than 70 tons)
  • Various lengthy cargoes
  • Yachts and boats and other

Similar cargo has the specific features, differs in the sizes and weight and has a number of technical parameters which don't allow to organize his transportation in universal cars.

In the professional logistic sphere and transport companies the definition "bulky goods" is applied to similar cargoes.

Criteria by which cargo is identified as oversized are his weight, width, length and height, and, only one of cargo parameters can not keep within the sizes.

Obvious advantages - 30 years of experience in providing this service allows you to organize a set of works in compliance with all the rules for the transportation of oversized cargo

By rail transportations, dimensional characteristics of the transported cargo established on the car shouldn't exceed on length – 14 meters, width – 3.25 meters, height – 5.3 meters from the level of top of a head of rails, also shouldn't be excesses of a permissible load on a carriage frame. If such excess is present at least in one of parameters, then such goods is bulky and special conditions of transportation are necessary for his sending.

The instruction for transportation of bulky and heavy goods on the railroads of a track of 1520 mm:

Instruction for transportation of bulky and heavy goods on the railroads of a track of 1520 mm
1. Instruction for transportation of bulky and heavy goods on the railroads of a track of 1520 mm
Agreement on the international rail freight traffic (SMGS)
2. Agreement on the international rail freight traffic (SMGS)
The Railway Transport Charter of the Russian Federation
3. The Railway Transport Charter of the Russian Federation

It is possible to get acquainted with conditions of definition of degree of bulkiness of cargo according to this reference

Priority in the organization of oversized transportations is ensuring their safety.

For such transportations by an indispensable condition the development and coordination with the relevant structures of schemes of loading and fastening of cargo on railway transport, obtaining permission to transportation where both parameters of cargo and special conditions of his movement have to be specified that means coordination of a route and the vehicles allocated for transportation of goods is.

We divide the organization of process of transportation of bulky goods into the following stages:

Transportation process, step 1
Departure of the expert

We provide departure of the expert for carrying out measurement and survey of cargo.
Transportation process, step 2
Scheme of loading

We develop and agree on schemes of loading and also an optimum route of transportation.
Transportation process, step 3
Delivery of cargo to the railway station

We organize delivery of cargo by the road transport (onboard, low-frame trawls, platforms, eurotrucks) from the place of his stay to the railway station of departure. We also develop schemes of loading for these transportations, we carry out coordination of a route and we prepare all allowing documentation.
Transportation process, step 4
The accompanying expenses

In case of arrival of cargo on the sea vessel, we organize reception of cargo in seaports and terminals, we pay all accompanying terminal expenses.
Transportation process, step 5
Preparation of cargo

If necessary we carry out works on preparation of cargo for transportation: dismantling of external removable parts and details, wheels, tires, shelter of glasses protective material (plywood and cardboard).
Transportation process, step 6
Loading and unloading works

We perform all necessary loading and unloading works with use of the special equipment and devices (bridge and gantry cranes, truck cranes, front loaders), we carry out fastening and coordination of cargo on the rolling stock, using for this purpose the prepared fastening requisite (extensions, a wooden bar, welded works).
Transportation process, step 7

We provide photo/video the report of process of loading, fastening and coordination.
Selection of the rolling stock

We select and provide the rolling stock, necessary for this transportation:
  • Railway conveyors for transportation of superbulky and super-heavy loads (up to 500 tons)
  • Universal platforms
  • Long-wheelbase platforms for transportation of machinery and equipment
  • Gondola cars
Transportation process, step 9
Supporting documentation

We make out the necessary payment and supporting documentation and we provide delivery of cargo to carrier of JSC "Russian Railways".
Transportation process, step 10
Payment of a railway tariff

We make payment of railway tariff and station collecting across all involved territories (the Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries, Mongolia, China).
Transportation process, step 11
Transshipment at border stations

In the case of international transportation, we provide transshipment at border stations into cars of a different gauge and pay the associated costs.
Transportation process, step 12
Transportation control

We provide dispatching control of railway transportation along the entire route.
Transportation process, step 13
Cargo handling

We accept the cargo at the destination station, unlock, unload and deliver it in a way convenient for the client to the final address.

Each client of InterRail Service is assigned a personal specialist for constant interaction

To organize the transportation of goods, a request must be sent, which must contain the following information:

  • Weight and dimensions of the cargo (if additional questions arise, drawings, diagrams and photographs of the cargo may be needed)
  • Method and size of cargo packing
  • Cargo code (ETSNG, TNVED, if any)
  • Planned Time and Volume of Shipment
  • Shipping and Shipping Addresses

After receiving the request within the agreed time frame, the client receives a detailed description of the planned transportation, possible routes and the cost of all necessary services - the rate.

InterRail Service has all the necessary tools for carrying oversized cargo and is ready to offer you modern and current logistics solutions, taking into account all kinds of changes in the freight transportation market.

The service is used for the transportation of oversized cargo



Specialized equipment

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