Complex organization of railway transportation

The complex organization of railway transportation includes the provision of rolling stock and payment of railway fare.

To organize the transportation of goods by rail, it is necessary to implement:

  1. Provision of rolling stock for a technical trip (one transportation), or rental for long-term use. Wagons must conform to the type of cargo and the technical conditions of loading / unloading
  2. Payment of the railway fare for a loaded or empty voyage. Depending on the transportation route we are able to pay for import and export transportation, transit through Russia, as well as for domestic transportation

A clear advantage is the availability of a full package of services. The cargo owner does not need additional work to organize the delivery of goods by rail.

InterRail Service Company has all necessary tools for providing comprehensive services for the organization of railway cargo transportation.

  • Availability of own rolling stock
    • Covered wagons
    • Fitting platforms
  • Availability of leased rolling stock
    • Gondola cars
    • Fitting platforms
  • Agreements with rolling stock owners
  • Contract with JSC "Russian Railways" for payment of transit, import-export and domestic carriage
  • Freight forwarder's Single Lien Account (SLA), which makes it possible to settle accounts with RZD for the transportation of our customers by rail Automated system "Electronic Transport Bill of Lading (ETran)", which makes it possible to:
    • To track the movement of the wagon and report its dislocation to the client on a daily basis
    • Monitor the implementation of requests for railway transportation
    • Control (receipt and write-off) of cash on ELS
    • Timely planning of expenditures en route when wagons cross borders
  • Sufficient financial stability to provide InterRail Service customers with individualized payment schemes
  • Up-to-date logistic solutions, new transportation routes in accordance with the constantly changing conditions in the geopolitical environment, which ensure international payments, using the developed branch network with the railroads of other countries

For a comprehensive organization of rail transport, you need to send a request specifying:

  • Volume, weight, dimensions, type of packaging and name of cargo
  • Planned time
  • Route of cargo shipment

In the agreed terms a client is informed about the rate for organization of rail transportation, which includes the cost of providing the rolling stock corresponding to the request (wagon type) and the cost of rail tariff for the requested route areas.

Guarantees for clients

  • Prompt processing of requests

Upon receipt of a request for the organization of rail transportation from a client in the shortest possible time, he receives a commercial offer that meets all the parameters of the request.

  • Optimal service cost

The optimal cost of the railway transportation of goods is ensured by the existence of contracts with the administrations of the railways; own and attracted car fleet; wide branch network of the company; developed network of contractors.

  • Tracking the movement of rolling stock along the entire route

The use of technical means GLONASS. Use of IT solutions for railway infrastructure.

  • Taking into account individual requirements

Each client of InterRail Service is assigned a specialist for constant interaction. Providing individual payment schemes for the organization of railway transportation.

Stages of interaction with clients

  1. Receiving a request from the client for the organization of railway transportation of goods
  2. Calculation of the cost of organizing railway transportation
  3. Signing of the CONTRACT of transport expedition
  4. Receiving an application from a client for the organization of railway transportation of goods
  5. Fulfillment of obligations under the contract in accordance with the application
  6. Sending a package of reporting financial documents to the client

Types of transported goods

Steel structures

Construction Materials

Plastic products

Agricultural products

InterRail Service offers each customer the most optimal cost of railway transportation, taking into account their individual requirements. We build long-term and trusting relationships with each client and partner.

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