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Case: project transportation of equipment along the Moscow - Sakhalin route for the construction of a greenhouse complex.

Date: 13/09/2022

One of the products of InterRail Service in the railway service is the Project transportation. This product includes:

  • transportation of cargo to the station of departure, coordination of road transportation routes and execution of permits
  • transloading at border stations into cars of another gauge
  • development and coordination of loading and securing schemes
  • providing rolling stock (containers, flat wagons, extended machinery and equipment platforms, transporters), organization of loading and unloading operations in ports and terminals, fixing and strapping the cargo on the rolling stock
  • payment of railway fare in respective territories, dispatcher control of shipments along the whole route
  • delivery of cargo from the destination station to the consignee

One of the examples of the implementation of the Project transportation describes the company's case of transportation of equipment along the Moscow - Sakhalin route for the construction of a greenhouse complex.

InterRail Service" received the request for transportation of the equipment for realization of the investment project in agricultural sphere - construction of the innovative automated greenhouse complex on Sakhalin which is unique by its scale. The cargo consisted of metal structures, lighting equipment, insulation, irrigation and ventilation systems.

The client company had delivered the cargo by truck from Italy to Moscow (Chovrino station) and undertook the further customs clearance.

The tasks of the first stage:

  • calculating and delivering the required number of containers to the warehouse
  • handling and fastening of the cargo in the containers according to the documentation

The following difficulties arose in the process:

  1. It is not possible to calculate the number of containers required for transportation on the basis of documents alone, without the possibility of taking measurements.
  2. For transportation were provided long and heavy frameworks, which could not be reloaded by a universal forklift.

Despite this, InterRail Service specialists were able to promptly provide a sufficient number of containers for transportation and special equipment for loading the frameworks.

The tasks of the second stage:

  • transportation by rail between Moscow (Khovrino station) and Vladivostok, by feeder vessel Vladivostok - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, by automobile transport to the building site of the greenhouse complex
  • booking of places for containers on the feeder vessel Vladivostok - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in advance
  • provide the required number of vehicles for delivering cargo to the construction site

Precise organization of the transportation, as well as avoiding unplanned costs, allowed us to realize the project on time. Cooperation on the project lasted 15 months. InterRail Service proved the competence needed to organize multistage transportation of goods, taking into account all the nuances of the project. After completion of the project we continue to work with the client on other shipments.

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