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Press Release


Case: cargo transportation from the port of Dalian to Yekaterinburg.

Date: 02/04/2022

A large manufacturing company from the mechanical engineering industry, engaged in the manufacture of shaped parts and blanks, applied to InterRail Service. The purpose is to transport oversized cargo from the city of Dalian (China) to the consignee in the city of Yekaterinburg. The route through the Vostochny port (Nakhodka) became an economically advantageous option for international transportation. Thus, the cargo transportation took place in 3 stages:

  1. Delivery by sea from the port of Dalian to the port of Vostochny (Nakhodka).
  2. Transshipment from sea to rail transport in Vostochny port (Nakhodka).
  3. Delivery by rail on the route Nakhodka-Yekaterinburg.

Each of the stages required solving non-standard issues, which InterRail Service solved thanks to its accumulated experience in international transportation.

The task of the first stage is to deliver oversized cargo with the weight of the heaviest place — 30 tons, dimensions — L3674 x W2440 x H3007 mm to the port of Dalian with loading it on a specialized Flat Rack container. The peculiarity was that the sender of the cargo was provided in a frame, but without fastening the product inside the frame.

To solve the problem, the plywood walls of the box were dismantled, the cargo was covered with an awning and fixed on a Flat Rack for reliable transportation. At the same time, it was necessary to search for a platform corresponding to the oversized cargo, since the cargo had a shortened base with a significant total weight of 30 tons.

The task of the second stage is to overload the product into a gondola car for transportation across the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the requirements for the transportation of oversized cargo, a prerequisite is the development of schemes for the placement and fastening of cargo, with subsequent approval by JSC "Russian Railways".

Due to the fact that the shipper did not provide data on the oversized cargo, the specialists of InterRail Service independently made measurements and developed the necessary documentation. This made it possible to reduce the time for approval and move to the next stage of transportation as soon as possible.

The task of the third stage is the delivery of oversized cargo across the territory of the Russian Federation to Yekaterinburg.

Despite the complexity, all stages of transportation were successfully implemented. InterRail Service delivered the cargo on time in complete safety and at the agreed rates. Currently, the client continues to cooperate with InterRail Service, which confirms our status as a reliable partner.