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Case: international transportation of refrigerant along the route Qingdao (China) - Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Date: 19/07/2021

A large forwarding company contacted "InterRail Service" with the task of organizing and transporting cargo along the route Qingdao port - Almaty. A special feature of the transportation was the type of cargo - a refrigerant classified as a dangerous cargo . Such goods are subject to transportation restrictions due to the observance of additional security measures and the completion of special documentation. The shipper has provided its own tank containers for the transportation of refrigerant , which after the implementation of the project must be returned empty to the port of Qingdao.

Due to its geographical location, the project received the status of multimodal transportation using sea and rail transport . InterRail Service specialists have developed several options for the delivery of cargo with different transshipment points, but the profitability of the route was determined based on 2 conditions:

  1. The shortest route between the points of departure and destination runs through the transshipment point (in order to minimize the cost of logistics costs)
  2. Readiness of the transshipment point to receive and handle tank containers with dangerous goods

When approving the transportation route, the best option was chosen with a transshipment point in the port of Vostochny (Nakhodka).

Based on many years of experience, InterRail Service chose the optimal sea carrier, which ensured a high speed of transportation at a relatively minimal cost.

To send liquefied gas from the port of Vostochny to Almaty, it was necessary to agree on the transportation of hazardous cargo for transshipment and transportation of cargo along the railway network.

During the transportation by the branch of InterRail Service in the port of Vostochnaya , the necessary requirements were met, and also the following were issued:

  • multimodal declaration
  • RID through DNIIMF
  • a list of shipping documents for the transport of dangerous goods in transit

"InterRail Service" acted as a representative of the companies of the consignor and consignee in the implementation of the project for the delivery of liquefied gas in accordance with the requirements of the IMDG Code.

The cargo along the Qingdao - Almaty route was delivered on time and at the agreed rates, and the empty tank containers were returned to the shipper. Today the company "InterRail Service" continues to cooperate with the client on a regular basis , which has confirmed the availability of the necessary competencies for the transportation of dangerous goods.