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Press Release


Case: transportation of oversized cargo

Date: 30/03/2021

The project included several stages:

  1. Calculation of the cost of work at all stages of the project and their approval
  2. Coordination of the transportation route, selection of appropriate equipment for the transportation of cargo and the type of rolling stock
  3. Delivery of equipment by road to the railway terminal
  4. Loading equipment onto the platform
  5. Sending equipment to the customer for further delivery of cargo to the plant under construction

To complete all stages of the project, InterRail Service required the solution of non-standard tasks that arose already in the course of work. We faced the following factors complicating the project:

  • agreeing on the date of cargo readiness for shipment
  • coordination of equipment shipment dates
  • agreeing on the technical specifications of the equipment before shipping it
  • inconsistency of the established technical properties of the cargo for its transportation
  • classification by the railway terminal of cargo falling under the category of dangerous
  • verification of compliance with the design documentation and technical characteristics of the equipment involved in the project

To eliminate such factors, the InterRail Service project team promptly worked out non-standard solutions with their constant coordination between all project participants: road carrier, cargo terminal, sender, recipient and customer.

The time interval of the project took 3 months. As a result, the equipment was delivered to its destination on time. InterRail Service has confirmed its status as a reliable supplier in project logistics and oversized cargo transportation.