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Commentary of the General Director in the "Question of the Day" section of the "Gudok" newspaper

Date: 24/03/2021

Question of the day

- What additional methods of rewarding for a job well done are practiced in your enterprise?

Natalya Nikonova, HR Director, JSC Russian Railways Logistics:

- JSC "Russian Railways Logistics" adopted the "Regulations on the system of incentives for employees for the conscientious performance of labor duties." We reward employees who have made a significant contribution to improving work efficiency and for other fruitful activities that benefit the company.

The team motivation system includes rewarding the best employees in several nominations. For example, "Project of the Year" involves rewarding employees for the best idea, implemented in a certain period of time. The best branch of the company is awarded in the "Team of the Year" nomination. There are also a number of individual nominations: "Logistics Leader", "Support of the Year", "Successful Start". The winners receive valuable prizes. Last year - e-books.

Dmitry Prokhorenko, HR Director, URALCHEM, JSC:

- We have several formats for rewarding employees. Firstly, it is the material motivation of employees 1-2 times a year based on the results of the fulfillment of the set goals and personnel assessment. The leaders of our companies have the opportunity to personally reward the best employees at the end of the year, as well as to assign personal awards in agreement with the Russian Union of Chemists. Secondly, a program of non-material incentives for employees has been developed and implemented. This is a large selection of free online educational programs (soft and hard skils), entertainment programs, sports, corporate events and holidays. The choice of programs is very large, their variety allows you to choose those that are of interest to a particular employee.

Yuri Kulakin, General Director of InterRail Service LLC:

- Since we are not a state-owned enterprise, the material reward is an immediate incentive for the employee. It does not count as a permanent payment and is awarded only for certain merit. We also practice various non-standard practices of reward. We have an individual approach to motivating each employee, for someone we arrange an internship in foreign companies, for someone we issue a free subscription to the fitness room.

Alexey Grom, CEO of UTLC ERA:

- We have corporate standards that include tangible and intangible incentive systems. Material - these are provisions on bonuses to various categories of personnel, another system involves the presentation of corporate awards, the opportunity to participate in social programs, which contributes to a responsible attitude to work and affects the development of one's own capitalization, competence and personal qualities of an employee.

We also have a standard for a social development system, where everyone can propose an important project and implement it, but basically it looks more like a charity project. After all, today an employee must be not only a professional in his field, but also a socially responsible person. We also created a program for free sports activities.

Vadim Filatov, Deputy Director of PEK:

- Employee performance indicators are rewarded with bonuses, both financial and intangible. The company has built a clear structure of non-material incentive methods. The first method is the local currency, peccoins, which employees can spend in the corporate PECStore. Domestic currency can only be earned. For example, by winning one of the competitions held by the company.

Another type of employee reward is corporate training in exclusive programs, for example, in the “School of Masters”. To get there, you need to submit an application, write an essay and defend a project on how you can improve the business of the "PEK" company. Projects can be on different topics: lean manufacturing, business process optimization. At the end of each course, the employee receives a certificate confirming successful completion. Now we are also developing the PEC mini-MBA program, in which the best graduates of the School of Masters will be able to receive free training.

Natalya Arabova, Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance, JSC FGK:

- The company pays special attention to the development and improvement of the system of intangible motivation. JSC "FGK" has developed and implemented a comprehensive system of recognition of individual and collective merits of workers "PROdvizhenie". Based on the results of the competition, a rating of the best employees and divisions of the company is formed. In order to increase the efficiency of the work of regional divisions, a competition between branches and transport service agencies of JSC FGK is being successfully held. Every year, the work collectives are determined, which took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in terms of production and financial indicators, which are awarded with appropriate diplomas and prizes.

For special merits in increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the company, the employees of JSC FGK are regularly presented for encouragement with departmental awards.

Natalia Shishlakova, Deputy General Director for Personnel Management and Corporate Project Management System, Transmashholding JSC:

- Transmashholding enterprises use various tools to motivate personnel.

In order to stimulate employees to fulfill the production program and achieve the planned financial results, monthly bonus programs for operating personnel and quarterly bonus programs for management are being implemented. Upon achievement of high financial indicators based on the results of the reporting year, the payment of an annual bonus is provided.

In addition, professional skill contests are held on a regular basis at all enterprises of the holding, following the results of which the winners are encouraged. And for professional holidays, the best employees of the enterprises are awarded with certificates of honor and gratitude from the holding's management.