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Deep Sea: Southeast Asia - Black Sea - Russia

Statistics of foreign trade relations between Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia show that the demand for products from this region is constantly growing. The main volume of imports to Russia comes from China. Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Laos, Thailand, East Timor, Cambodia and Singapore are also on the list of the largest exporters to Russia.

Since most of the import cargo transportation from the countries of Southeast Asia is carried out by sea transportation of containers, InterRail Service provides its customers with multimodal container transportation Deep Sea: Southeast Asia - Black Sea - Russia using sea and rail transport.

A clear advantage of this service is the optimal cost of container transportation with average delivery times by reducing the transit time for the delivery of goods to the client's warehouses in the Krasnodar Territory and the southern regions of the Russian Federation. This route is beneficial for sending goods with a reduced value (chemical products - additives).

Import multimodal transportation is carried out in containers and follows the route from the main ports of Southeast Asia to the port of the city of Novorossiysk. Further dispatch of containers with cargo by rail or road to Moscow with subsequent delivery to the warehouse. The total time of cargo delivery based on the multimodal service is about 50 days from the main ports in Southeast Asia to the client's warehouse in Moscow.

The appropriate types and sizes of containers are selected for each cargo.

Guarantees for clients

  • Optimal delivery times

30 years of experience in containerized cargo transportation allowed InterRail Service to identify the most optimal routes for cargo transportation that minimize logistics costs for our clients. Deep Sea service: Southeast Asia - Black Sea - Russia allows you to carry out container transportation of cargo within 50 days.

  • Cargo transportation safety

Many years of experience in providing this service has contributed to the standardization of the container transportation process, minimizing the risk of damage to goods during transportation.

  • Taking into account the individual requirements of the client

Each client of InterRail Service is assigned a personal specialist for constant interaction.

  • Tracking the geolocation of cargo

Throughout the entire route, the tracking of containers with cargo is organized and, if necessary, informing the client about this, so that he is sure of its safe condition.

Provision of Warranties

  • Transportation of goods by wagons and containers is a unique competence that gives an advantage in organizing logistics using several types of transport

Stages of interaction with clients

  1. Acceptance of an application from the client for the organization of transportation
  2. In accordance with the client's request, placing a request to the agent (sea / railway)
  3. Coordination with the client of the optimal schedule and route of transportation
  4. Informing the client about the status and location of the cargo
  5. Consulting the client on the following issues:
    • rules, delivery times and conditions of carriage of goods
    • the procedure for drawing up contracts, applications and shipping documents
    • procedure for payment for transportation and additional services
  6. Monitoring compliance with the delivery time of the goods and documentary confirmation of the completion of transportation

What kind of cargo do our clients import?

Dangerous chemicals

Food chemicals

Chemical products




InterRail Service offers each client the most optimal cost of container transportation, taking into account all individual wishes. Thus, we strive to build long-term and trusting relationships with each client.

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