Air cargo transportation is a fast and safe way to transport different types of cargo. In terms of transportation time, they surpass sea, rail and road transport. International air freight is used by companies from various industries to import and export cargo from Asia, Europe, the United States and other countries.

Any business today evaluates its effectiveness through two criteria: pricing and terms of execution of agreements. That is why the use of air transport for air cargo transportation is considered the fastest way to deliver goods.

  • cargo transportation by air within Russia within a few hours
  • transportation from Europe: 3 - 5 days; from China and USA: 5 - 8 days

InterRail Service offers its clients to use a new service for air cargo transportation. Уou will significantly save time resources and your cargo will be delivered to the destination just in time.

Customer benefits

  • Partnership

With international air carriers and timely provision of reservations for regular and cargo flights of airlines.

  • Employees

Highly qualified employees in our own offices and at the largest airports in the world.

  • Organization of transportation in compliance with the temperature regime

Organization of transportation in compliance with the temperature regime throughout the entire route of the cargo (delivery of cargo to the airport under temperature control, cargo handling at the airport of departure / arrival in the ranges + 2 ° С - + 8 ° С and + 15 ° С - + 25 ° С).

  • Transportation of all classes of cargo

Transportation of goods of various hazard classes.

  • Non-standard solutions

Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, organization of charter air transportation.

  • Individual approach

Organization of door-to-door delivery, assistance in customs clearance, if necessary.

Stages of interaction with clients

  1. We accept cargo from the sender
  2. Choosing an airport and flight that allows you to comply with the stated delivery time
  3. We bring cargo to the airport
  4. We issue an air waybill
  5. We pay for the air waybill, cargo delivery and terminal fees
  6. We receive the cargo at the airport of the destination city
  7. We issue the cargo to the recipient or deliver it to the destination address

What kind of cargo are transported by our clients?

Electrical equipment



Petrochemical equipment


Medical supplies

InterRail Service offers each client the most optimal cost of air cargo transportation, taking into account all individual wishes. Thus, we strive to build long-term and trusting relationships with each of our clients.

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