Europe - Central Asia

Solution for organization of cargo transportation from EU countries to Central Asia, including transportation of containers by container train from Europe.

The main locations of rail freight terminals from Europe (it is possible to send goods under EXW, FOB delivery terms):

Antwerpen Combinant

Milano FS

Basel Bad. Bf.

Marseille Canet

Budapest BILK

Duisburg D3T
Hamburg Billwerder

Stockholm Norra

Hoje Taastrup


Czech Republic


Rotterdam RSC

Wels CCT

A clear advantage of this service is the ability to provide railway rolling stock for transportation at stations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, which are officially open to work with heavy containers.

A regular route for containerized freight transportation by rail follows from the countries of Europe with reception of containers from foreign roads in Brest (Belorussia). International rail service Europe - Central Asia includes:

  • Organization of preliminary examination of shipping documents for their compliance with the customs legislation of the CIS countries
  • Provision of the rolling stock

Service advantages

  • Information support of container transportation by railroad, daily informing the customer about the location of the container
  • Competitive rates. Possibility to perform through traffic from the EU countries, or only from the border Malaszewicze/Brest - at the choice of the client.
  • InterRail AG own offices in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Possibility to use alternative routes via CIS with delivery of containers to China via Dostyk-Export or Altynkol-Export, depending on customer requests
  • Possibility to transport cargoes that are under sanction embargo

Minimum estimated time for container transportation from Europe (Duisburg - Almaty) is 14-16 days.

After the arrival and handling of the container at the railway terminal of the destination station, delivery of the container to the customer's address is arranged. It is also possible to pick up the container from the railway terminal by the customer.

The appropriate types and sizes of the container are selected for each cargo.

Guarantees for clients

  • Prompt dispatch of containers from the station in Brest

The presence of railway rolling stock in Brest guarantees the acceptance of containers from European countries and transshipment to the CIS platforms in the shortest possible time.

  • Cargo transportation safety

Many years of experience in organizing container transportation has contributed to identifying the most proven rail service routes for the delivery of goods from Europe to Central Asia, which minimize the risk of damage to goods during their transportation.

  • Taking into account the individual requirements of the client

Each client of InterRail Service is assigned a personal specialist for constant interaction.

  • Tracking the geolocation of cargo

Throughout the entire route, the tracking of containers with cargo is organized and, if necessary, informing the client about this, so that he is sure of its safe condition.

Stages of interaction with clients

  1. Acceptance of applications for the organization of container transportation from an existing client or an employee of the sales department
  2. Organization of the process of container transportation in accordance with the client's application and the current contract
  3. Control of all stages of transportation
  4. Registration of the necessary shipping documentation
  5. Informing customers about the status and location of goods
  6. Monitoring compliance with the delivery time of the goods and documentary confirmation of the completion of transportation
  7. Control of document flow and timely provision of supporting documents for completed cargo and transportation operations
  8. Consulting clients on the following issues:
    • rules, delivery times and conditions for container transportation of goods
    • the procedure for drawing up contracts, applications and shipping documents
    • procedure for payment for transportation and additional services

What kind of cargo do our clients import?

Dangerous chemicals

Food chemicals

Chemical products

InterRail Service offers each customer the most optimal cost of container transportation, taking into account their individual requirements. We build long-term and trusting relationships with each client and partner.

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