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Europe - China (direct rail)

The growth in the export of goods from the EU countries to China is due to the fact that China has become the largest trading partner of the European Union. The main imports to China are machinery, vehicles, manufactured goods, chemical products, energy, raw materials and food.

Since the international delivery of cargo in containers from Europe to China also passes through the territory of the Russian Federation and Central Asia, InterRail Service provides its customers with a rail service for the organization of container transportation Europe - China as part of the New Silk Road operator route.

A clear advantage of this service is the organization of container transportation at all its stages, from points of departure in Western Europe to destinations in China. At all important stages of transportation, the staff of InterRail interact with the cargo in the corresponding location.

The regular route of container transportation of goods by rail follows the route from Europe with the reception of containers from foreign roads in Brest (Belarus). Further, the transportation of containers by rail is organized as part of container trains destined for the province of Yiwu, Wuhan. International rail service Europe - China includes:

  • Preliminary check of documents before the arrival of containers at the entrance border station Brest-Severny-export (Belarus)
  • A full range of works on receiving containers at st. Brest-Severny-export
  • Formation of trains \ groups of dispatched containers depending on customer requests
  • Complex of loading and unloading works
  • Providing empty containers in Germany and Poland for transportation to China

Guarantees for clients

  • Compliance with delivery times

30 years of experience in organizing container transportation has allowed InterRail Service to identify the most optimal routes for international cargo transportation, which minimize logistics costs for our customers. The international railway service Europe - China allows you to implement container transportation of goods with transit time across the territory of the CIS within 5-6 days.

  • Cargo transportation safety

Many years of experience in providing this service has contributed to the standardization of the process of international container transportation, minimizing the risk of damage to goods during their transportation.

  • Taking into account the individual requirements of the client

Each client of InterRail Service is assigned a personal specialist for constant interaction.

  • Tracking the geolocation of cargo

To ensure our customers that their cargo is safe throughout the entire route of the containers, they are tracked and, if necessary, informed about the location of the cargo.

Benefits for the client

  • Own container train Duisburg - Malaszewicz, Hamburg - Malaszewicz
  • Ability to transport containers to Chengdu, Chongqin, Xi'an
  • Daily monitoring of the situation with transported containers from the entrance station Brest (BC) to the delivery station Dostyk-export (KZH), Zabaikalsk-export and Zamyn-Uud
  • Possibility of using alternative routes of transportation in the CIS with the delivery of containers to China via Dostyk-export or Altynkol-export, depending on the client's requests
  • The ability to transport goods under the sanctions embargo

Stages of interaction with clients

  1. Acceptance of applications for the organization of container transportation from an existing client or an employee of the sales department
  2. Organization of the process of container transportation in accordance with the client's application and the current contract
  3. Control of all stages of transportation
  4. Registration of the necessary shipping documentation
  5. Informing customers about the status and location of goods
  6. Monitoring compliance with the delivery time of the goods and documentary confirmation of the completion of transportation
  7. Control of document flow and timely provision of supporting documents for completed cargo and transportation operations
  8. Consulting clients on the following issues:
    • rules, delivery times and conditions for container transportation of goods
    • the procedure for drawing up contracts, applications and shipping documents
    • procedure for payment for transportation and additional services

What kind of cargo do our clients import?




Pharmaceutical products


Auto parts

Plastic products




Agricultural products




InterRail Service offers each client the most optimal cost of the service, taking into account all individual wishes. Thus, we strive to build long-term and trusting relationships with each client.

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