Caspian ferry complex

tn_kaspiskoe-sea.pngSince 1963, the ferry line Baku (Azerbaijan) - Turkmenbashi, former Krasnovodsk (Turkmenistan) connected both cities across the Caspian Sea. The governments of Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan take efforts to extend functioning of the route in the framework of TRACECA Project. There are plans to convert the route from the railway to a multi-purpose one for transportation of the motorcars, goods and passengers. According to the quadripartite agreement signed by the Presidents of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in May 1996, the operation of the corridor connecting these four CIS states will give to the countries of the Middle Asia the shortest way to the Black Sea. The Agreement includes not only restoration of freight transit but establishing most favorable conditions of freight traffic for the whole route and applying reduced tariff rates and maintaining security coordination for safety traffic.

Up to 8 vessel of the Class "Dagestan" are operated on the line in the presence of freight: "Ak. Topchubashov", "Azerbaijan","Dagestan","Ak. G. Aliev", "Prof. Gul", "Nakhichevan", "Mercury-1" and "Mercury-2". Two latter ships are rather new, they were built in Kaliningrad. All vessels are in operation under the flag of Azerbaijan. Each ferry capacitates 27 railcars and 200 passengers. The ports of Baku and Turkmenbashi have all required facilities to roll off railcars from the ferry onto port tracks. The cities lay practically on the same parallel at the distance 306 km. Time on the route is 12 hours. For comparison, planned term of delivery freight from Baku to Ashgabat around the Caspian Sea, via RZD, Kasakhstan and Uzbekistan Railways exceeds a week. 

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