Black Sea ferry complex

The Complex includes:
- 4 largest in Europe rail ferries with capacity 108 freight cars, tank-cars or railcars of the clearance 1-T, 0-T, 01-T, or 90 road vehicles 16 m long, containers on flat cars or up to 20 motor cars,
- cargo berths,
- railcar storage and classification yards,
- facility for replacement of wheelsets (from broad gauge as in the former USSR to the normal gauge 1435 mm) in Varna.

Four vessels are operated on the line - "Geroi Shipki", "Geroi Plevny" (Ukraine) and "Geroi Odessy", "Geroi Sevastopolia" (Bulgaria).

Паромное сообщение Ильчевск, Поти, Варна, Самсун, КавказOperated since 1978, the ferry route Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) - Varna (Bulgaria) shortens time of freight delivery from 5 - 8 to 2 days as compared with land transportation via Moldova and Romania due to efficient ferry timetable. The time en route is only 20 hours for the distance of 458 km to the Bulgarian port.
The ferry transports freight in the CIS railcars. The wheelsets are replaced in Varna. However, Varna terminal is capable to tranship part of the freight from CIS railcars to Bulgarian transport.

Operated since 1999, the regular ferry line Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) - Poti/Batumi (Georgia) is a sea part of the Europe - Asia Transport Corridor: North Europe - East Europe - Ukraine - Transcaucasus - MidAsia.
The ferry line has been open due to initiatives of the Ukraine and Trancaucasus countries governments in the framework of TRACECA Project (Transport Corridor Europe - Caucasus - Asia) and with support from the European Union.
The line is served by four vessels of Class "Geroi Shipki". They transit freight from Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Jugoslavia to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and vice versa. The shipowners commissioned timetable providing that the ferry arrived from Poti will leave Ilyichevsk for Varna next day (and vice versa). That is transit freight proceeds to destination without unloading. At present, this ferry line is practically the only route to delivery freight to Armenia.

In May 29, 2001 new regular line Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) - Derince (Turkey, Istanbul Region) was opened.
Road/rail ferries "Geroi Shipki" and "Geroi Plevny" will be operated on this line, which provide freight delivery in the railcars directly to the Drink port. At the terminal the agent will tranship freight to road transport or in the railcars and containers for destination. Time of delivery is two days.
Goods from Turkey loaded at Derince port right to the railcars of the CIS common fleet and proceeded to Ilyichevsk, are rolled off the ferry and dispatched to destination - Ukraine, Russia or other CIS states. Upon completion the construction of railway bridge, similar to that in Poti, it will be possible to take off the cars from the board, unload them or change wheelsets at the Turkey port terminal.


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