Sakhalin ferry complex

Sakhaln ferry complex Vanino - KholmskSakhaln ferry complex Vanino - Kholmsk - Rail ferry in the Tatar Strait between Vanino (Khabarovsk Krai) and the city of Kholmsk (Sakhalin region). Distance-260 km. Connects the island of Sakhalin and the Russian mainland year-round. Transportation between Vanino - Kholmsk ferry carried out by specialized vessels designed and built specifically to work on the line.

At the beginning of 2010s. ferry fleet consists of four similar diesel-electric: Sakhalin-7, 8, 9 and 10. Each of them is designed to carry 28 railcars. In addition, each ferry (except a ferry "Sakhalin-10" equipped for the carriage of dangerous goods) carry up to one hundred passengers.

Average time ferry traffic through 11-12 hours in winter and in bad weather from 16-18 hours to 21 hours.

Sakhaln ferry complex Vanino - Kholmsk

 Ferries transported directly those wagons in which the goods followed by the Russian Railways network. This technology eliminates the physical handling of cargo in ports, gives you the opportunity to reduce the time and port cargo operations, reduce transportation time, increase the safety of goods.

Rigid schedules at ferries on line no, they go "to fill", time of departure and approach the courts varies depending on cargo availability and weather conditions.

Firm "Rail Service" on a regular basis provides transportation via ferry terminal and is ready to provide you with all the necessary services.

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