Baltic Ferry complex

tn_baltic-sea.pngOperated since 1986, the line Klaipeda (Lithuania) - Mukran (Germany) seems to be the most famous. Ferry port Sassnitz (old name Mukran) on the Rugen Island is the eastern German port providing the shortest routes to the ports of Russia (St.-Petersburg), Sweden (Trelleborg) and Baltia states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Due to optimal layout of tracks, the port Sassnitz rebuilt in 1996 - 1998 is considered as the most advanced technology port in Germany for handling combined rail - ferry traffic.
"Sassnitz" is the only West Europe port with 40 km of broad gauge tracks laid on the territory of 300 ha. Rail ferry of the Class "Klaipeda", one of the largest in Europe with capacity 103 railcars, connects both ports daily. The distance 521 km takes less than a day. Three more lines connect Klaipeda with ports Aarhus (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden) and Kil (Germany). Lithuanian vessels "Vilnius" and "Kaunas" make trips on the Kil line.

Freight flow reduced after Germany re-unification. The ferries, initially built for transportation of railcars, were reconstructed for freight and passenger service. They serve Kil that has no rail connections, only road. Therefore the rails were eliminated and one deck of each vessel was accommodated for road vehicles.
Today the ferry complex offers various services for handling railcars and road vehicles, bulk, hazardous, general, large scale and other freight, being a reliable logistics partner. It should be noted however that, due to current price policy, freight transport from Germany to Russia and Asia is often more profitable when using land transit via Poland and Byelorussia.


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