Services for operators and owners of the rolling stock


The “Firm “Rail Service Ltd.” offers the following services for operators and owners of the rolling stock:

·  Transportation of loaded and empty wagons through the rail code of the “Firm “Rail Service Ltd.”;

• Complex support of transportation of loaded and empty wagons on the territories of CIS and Baltic countries, Mongolia, China, Iran, Eastern and Northern Europe;

• Operational opportunity of forwarding of the rolling stock;

• Outsourcing of conducting settlements with JSC Russian Railways and other railway administrations, coordination of rates, claim work;

• Possibility to effect payments upon the transportation;

 • Comprehensive tariff service for your wagon in CIS and Baltic countries;

 • Competitive rates and individual conditions of payment;

 • Control, transportation support, tracking, return after unloading, search of the return loading.

We are always ready to provide full organizational and technical support of transportation of your rolling stock in the area 1520.

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