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Cisterns 8-axels

Suitale for cargo Light oil produscts
Cargo capacity, tn.125
Cargo capacity, м3161
Loading methodbottom self discharge
Year of production1996
Quantity, item20
Lease rateupon agreement

Cisterns 4-axels

model15-1547-03,15-1547, 15-1213, 15-9104
Cargolight oil products & gasoline
Cargo capacity,tn.66
Cargo capacity, m385,6
DescriptionConsists of a boiler and frame with side channels, chassis and avtotormoznym equipment. The boiler is a cylindrical vessel weldment consisting of a shell and two bottoms. The bottom sheet 11 mm thick shell has a bias to the drain-tion unit 25 .. 30mm for complete product discharge. Side and top sheet 10 are made thick and 9mm, respectively. The boiler is welded manhole neck delimited filling level of the product pipe drain-safety devices and inlet valves. For the convenience of the tank has an outer and an inner staircase. Manage outlet - top and forced by gravity or by using additional hardware. To protect against increasing pressure inside the boiler more than 0.15 MPa and the elimination of vacuum when draining the product from the tank to the boiler, a safety-valve outlet. Two-axle bogies provide mobility as a single tank, and the coupling of cars on straight and curved track sections, and perceive all the stress caused during operation of the tank.
Year of production1994, 1997, 2011, 2012
Quantity, item100
lease rateUpon request

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