Open-top / gandola / U-wagons

Covered gandola wagons

Covered gandola wagons model No 12-146 is suitable for the transportation of the cargoes which required coverage from the atmoshere, from the damages, for fulfillin the ecological demands.

Technical details

Carrying capacity; tn65,5
Tare weight, т28
Cubic capacity, m388
Lenght of the wagons by the axis, mm13920
Base of the wagon, mm 8650
Height of the wagon, mm4113
Nubmer of discharge hatches, items14
Model of trolley18-100
12-146-1_1.jpg 12-146-2_1.jpg 12-146-3_1.jpg 12-146-4_1.jpg

Open-top / gandola / U-wagons model 12-132, 12-141, 12-1302

Model of wagon12-132
Gauge, mm1520
Loading capacity, tn, max70
Tare weight, tn24
Cubic capacity, m3388
Lenght of the wagon by the axis, mm,13920
Base, mm8650
Height, mm3780
Internal wagon body size, mm
lenght 12750
Number of dispatchig hatchs, items14

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