“Freight Two” changes its name


“Freight Two” changes its name

State registration of amendments to the Charter of the company took place on November 13th, 2012. Pursuant to such changes the new name of the company was confirmed to be Joint Stock Company “Federal Freight” (JSC “Federal Freight”).

"In our opinion, the name “Federal Freight” reflects the actual position of the company on the market of railway freight transportations”, said Vitaly Evdokimenko, General Director of JSC “Federal Freight”. – “With the formation of the company during the implementation of the railway reform the former name had lost much of its relevance and no longer corresponded to the situation within the market. Due to this fact, the General Shareholders’ Meeting of the company had decided to change the company’s name.”

This did not result in a change in the structure and staff composition as well as in the rights and responsibilities of the company in relation to its customers and counterparties.

Joint Stock Company “Federal Freight” (JSC “Federal Freight” – a subsidiary of JSC “RZD”) started to operate in 2010. The core activity of JSC “Federal Freight” is provision of own rolling stock for transportations as well as provision of freight forwarding and other services. Altogether there are 14 branch offices of JSC “Federal Freight” along the Russian railways.

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