A new container train from China to the Czech Republic is launched.


A new container train from China to the Czech Republic is launched.

Today a pilot container train arrived from Wuhan (China) to station Pardubice (Czech Republic) within the frames of the global project “Kazakhstan – New Silk Road”.

The train has been launched by JSC NC KTZ in partnership with InterRail Holding AG. On this new route Foxconn products are transported in containers. All documents under the pilot project are prepared in accordance with standards of the “electronic train”.

The first container train Wuhan (China) – Pardubice (Czech Republic) consists of 50 containers loaded with office equipment. Hon Hai Percision Industry Co. Ltd., a Taiwan company, better known in the international market under the trade name Foxconn, is the customer for this shipment. The train left Wuhan city on October 24th, 2012 and reached Kazakhstan border in 5 days.

At the loading station of Dostyk JSC NC KTZ, ANEK and JSC Kedentransservice jointly organized rapid border crossing for the train. Thanks to prior informing of customs authorities within the frames of the project "electronic train" the container stock was dealt with in just 1.5 hours. The process of reloading the pilot train from the narrow to broad rail gauge took 10 hours.

On November 3rd the container train left the territory of Kazakhstan and was sent on route Dostyk - Iletsk - Krasnoe - Brest - Malaszewicze - Pardubice passing 3087 km through the Kazakh territory at an average speed of 768 km/day in 3 days and 22 hours.

On November 9th, 2012 at 12:00 pm local time the container train arrived at the station of destination in the Czech town of Pardubice, having covered the distance of 10569 km in 14 days. The procedure of prior data exchange on cargo without issuing paper transit declaration has been applied by customs authorities of the countries of the Customs Union for the first time for this container train. Electronic Declaration provided a significant advantage for its speed.

This is the first container train jointly organized by JSC NC KTZ and InterRail Holding AG within the framework of the "Global Partner" project aimed at establishment of active interaction with the world leaders in the field of transport logistics. Other than that, the pilot train "Wuhan - Pardubice" became the first transit train from China to Europe sent under the forwarding conditions of JSC Kedentransservice on the territory of Kazakhstan with provision of own rolling stock - container platforms for shipment on the route segment with 1520 mm gauge.

Today, development of container shipments in freight corridor from China to Europe via Kazakhstan is considered a priority for the republic. Along with the ongoing project "Chongqing - Duisburg" the pilot container train "Wuhan - Pardubice" became yet another part of the global project "Kazakhstan - New Silk Road".

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