Ministry of Transport legalized soft packaging of goods


Ministry of Transport legalized soft packaging of goods

The list of goods and draft of the corresponding introducing order can be found on the official web-site of the Ministry of Transport. As Elena Kadomtseva, chief specialist – expert of Regulatory legal acts Department of the Ministry of Transport explained to, the purpose of this new document is to replace the out-of-date order of the Ministry of Railway Communications, which has been drafted for introduction of the Charter of railways in 2003.

Besides, the technical conditions of transportations have changed, the soft packaging market emerged and it is now possible to transport in open wagons the goods that were previously shipped in a specialized rolling stock. Changes in the list pertain mainly to different kinds of carbides, soda and powders. But compared to 2003, transportation of any brands of cement in soft containers with polyethylene liner is permitted. Cement had been previously transported in open wagons in big bags. However, if cargo was not on the permission list, then the owner had to apply to RZD and agree on making a shipment under special conditions. Moreover, this mode requires prolongation every three months and the consignor bears responsibility for maintaining quality of products. Now even goods that are not on the list are officially permitted to be transported in open rolling stock – provided that their transportation is not regulated by other rules and that it is done in accordance with standards or technical conditions for this type of product.

 “JSC RZD itself asked the Ministry of Transport to prepare such an order which would considerably facilitate shipment conditions for owners of cargo”, says Alexander Kazantsev, Deputy Head of Commercial work Administration for freight traffic of the Central Directorate for traffic management of JSC RZD. – Indeed, use of soft packaging and flexible containers speeds up both loading and unloading, guarantees safety of goods”. Moreover, Alexander Kazantsev notes that now the owner of cargo will not have to visit RZD every three months to prolong special conditions and will also be less dependent on the type of rolling stock. Using an open wagon or a cement carrier will not influence the cost of transportation.

Since 2003, the market of soft packaging is developing in the country at a good pace and many companies are offering their products to consignors providing a safety guarantee. According to specialists of the Ural mining and smelting company it does make sense to transport some goods in open rolling stock. “We should proceed from the fact of how bulky the cargo is. If products are usually shipped in closed rolling stock in small volumes, then the conditions may be left unchanged as expenses for soft packaging will be inexpedient”, says one of logisticians of the Ural mining and smelting company. – “But it is really cost-efficient to transport cement, non-aggressive mineral fertilizers and silicates that are used in various fields of industry in such packaging. These goods are shipped in large volumes”.

Source: Gugok

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