Another rolling stock owner is taken over.


Another rolling stock owner is taken over.

This month, the InterRail Group took over the majority of the rolling stock owner Orentrans ZAO, Orenburg. The company currently has 120 own and 170 tank wagons leased on a long-term basis.

By acquiring UralRail Moscow, we already entered the market of wagon fleet operators a while ago and have obtained excellent results since then. UralRail owns 163 open wagons. This allowed us to close gaps in those areas where there is a lack of wagons or where private service providers cannot offer the equipment we need. With the acquisition of the majority of shares of Orentrans we can extend our offer once more and react with more fl exibility to the market’s needs”, says Yuri Kulakin, Managing Director of RailService Moscow, a subsidiary of InterRail.

In addition to its own wagon fl eet, the InterRail Group has also concluded long-term lease agreements for open and covered freight wagons, special wagons as well as platform wagons. Depending on the seasonal fl uctuations and market situation, InterRail thus has at its disposal a total of roughly 1’500 to 2’000 freight wagons, which it controls and markets – to the benefi t of its customers.

The InterRail Group also owns,amongst others, InterRail Services GmbH (IRS), Berlin, which runs the container block train „Ostwind“/„Westwind“ between Germany and C.I.S. and thus also has extensive experience regarding its own equipment as well as that which it hires permanently.

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